Coffin Options

We can supply a wide range of coffins suitable for burial or cremation.  Our staff are happy to guide and help you decide what feels right for you.


We can supply wicker and cardboard coffins by special order available on request.


Ashes caskets and urns in stock and available to order for interment, memorial and remembrance of your loved one.

Drumore Panel Burial Coffin

Teak Panel Burial Coffin

Oak Panel Burial Coffin

Mahogany Panel Burial Coffin

Solway Burial Coffin

Teak Solway Burial Coffin

Oak Solway Burial Coffin

Mahogany Solway Burial Coffin

Drumore Cremation Coffin

Teak Panel Cremation Coffin

Oak Panel Cremation Coffin

Mahogany Panel Cremation Coffin

Solway Cremation Coffin

Teak Solway Cremation Coffin

Oak Solway Cremation Coffin

Mahogany Solway Cremation Coffin

Cremation Casket Options

Mahogany Casket

White Casket

Mahogany Casket

Oak Casket

Oak Casket

Urn Options

Growing Memories 1 Urn

Cherub / Angel Urn

Growing Memories 2 Urn

Blue Pearl Urn

Silver Pearl Urn