On the day

The day of a funeral can cause a mix of emotions, for many people a funeral can be a nervous occasion particularly for a family who have not been in this situation previously.


For family members and close friends it will be a day they celebrate the life of a loved one and a time to say their final goodbye.


Most of the Funeral Directors work is done in the lead up to the funeral rather than the day of the funeral itself; however there are still a number of tasks to be performed.


Having confirmed all the arrangements are all in place on the day of the funeral, the funeral director and the staff will transport your loved one from the funeral home to the location of the families preference, chosen during the arrangements and then onto the venue itself.


The funeral director will ensure all family flowers to accompany the coffin are in place to travel with the coffin or delivered to the selected venue.


Any limousines ordered will arrive at an arranged time and transport the family to the funeral venue.


Once at the location of the funeral the funeral director will escort the family into the venue for the service and will attend to any needs or questions of the main family mourners.


The funeral director will also assist family mourners leaving the venue after the service.


The funeral director is able to provide staff to carry the coffin from the hearse into church, crematorium or to the graveside. Family members are able to perform or assist with this aspect of the funeral if they so wish.


Funeral directors will have carried out a visual risk assessment of the route into the chosen venue and also the crematorium or graveside where burial funeral has been selected and will advise if it is safe to carry the coffin.


The gathering after the funeral is commonly known as “the tea”. It is also referred to as the reception. There is no requirement to have a funeral tea but it is a long standing tradition where family and friends meet up after the funeral service to remember your loved one in a more informal setting.

Families can host the funeral tea at home however hotels, social clubs and bowling clubs are popular venues. The funeral director will be able to advise on venues and menu choices during the funeral arrangement process.


If a cremation funeral has been selected the cremated ashes are placed into a biodegradable box for collection, the family will stipulate who will collect the ashes on the cremation form during the arrangements or can request that they be scattered in the grounds of the crematorium by their staff.


If the funeral director is collecting the ashes they will liaise with the family over what is to happen next, this could be an interment at local cemetery or simply collected by the family for a decision to be made at a later date which could simply be a family scattering at a special place.