Funeral Arrangements


For all families funerals are personal. We aim to help and assist in arranging a funeral which is fitting and affordable to individual requirements.
For some people this might be the first time arranging a funeral and can feel like a daunting task and this is where your funeral director is available to ease the burden and assist in any way we can.


Below you will find some questions you might want to consider so that you can be prepared for what you want to include in the arrangements.


Which crematorium location would you prefer?
Would you prefer a service beforehand, in church or funeral home?
Would the service be religious or non religious?
Final resting place for ashes- collection, scattered or interred in cemetery/crematorium grounds?

Type of Service

Local church service or funeral parlour service
Religious service officiated by priest or minister
Non religious service officiated by celebrant or humanist

Music Selection

Music choice for funerals can be personalised from traditional hymns, organ music or favourite songs.
Most crematoriums provide organist, hymn books and advanced music systems which can select and play you’re choice of music


Our modern and beautiful fleet of hearse and limousines are black in colour.
Limousine capacity is seven family members per car.

Order of Service

Orders of service add a personal touch and provide the congregation with something to follow during the service, a precious keepsake and can be sent to friends and family unable to attend the funeral.


Which cemetery location do you prefer?
Do you have existing lair or family plot?
Do you require purchasing new burial lair from local authority?
After burial service do you require a new head stone or additional inscription to existing headstone?

Coffin Selection

We offer a wide range of coffins suitable for cremation or burial services furnished to your individual preference.

Floral Tributes

Flowers are a beautiful way of offering your own personal tribute to your loved one, something unique with many different options available.
Many families prefer to request charity donations in lieu of flowers for loved ones chosen charity organisation.

Paper Notice

A death or acknowledgement notice can be composed and printed in the local papers advising details of death and funeral arrangements, but in the modern environment social media and electronic devices are popular for passing on the information.

Funeral Tea

After the funeral friends and family can get together for a meal or refreshment to catch up or reminisce about old times which normally takes place in a local hotel, club or house.