Funeral Costs

All funerals are individual so funeral costs will vary, but once we have all your requirements we will then be able to give you an estimate based on your exact needs. Costs can be divided into two main categories.


This is monies paid by the funeral directors on your behalf to other people i.e. fees to cemeteries / crematoriums, florists, church fees, customary gratuities where applicable, paper notices etc.


Funeral Directors Fees
These are charges made by the funeral director for providing professional services. These would include conveyance of the deceased, coffins or caskets, use of hearse or limousine and for arranging all necessary and relevant paperwork.

Being an independent company we strive to keep our prices at a reasonable level and still provide a excellent level of service.

Professional Fees

All personnel necessary to make the funeral arrangements available 24 hours a day to carry out arrangements in accordance with instructions.
Attending to all necessary funeral arrangements including liaison with all third parties and completion of all documentation.
Advice on the certification and registration of death and related documentation including the new Funeral Support Payment, Scotland Scheme.
Confidential advice concerning social and personal matters and provision of ongoing assistance thereafter. The funeral director and all necessary personnel to conduct the funeral in accordance with instructions.
All staff and equipment necessary for the preparation and care of the deceased and dressing in their own clothes or robe as required and laying to rest in coffin selected.
The use of Chapel of Rest or rest rooms as a suitable location for the deceased until the funeral date, including appointment viewing during office hours if desired.
Provide the Funeral director and all necessary personnel to conduct the funeral.
Advice and assistance with Monumental Headstone Services if required.
Professional Fees Total

Coffin Prices

Solway or Drumore superior coffin supplied in Teak, Mahogany or Oak colour with raised lid and traditional side or pressed side panel exterior.
Willow Cromer Wicker Coffin
From £750 based on individual choice
All coffins supplied with fully furnished interior and exterior fittings including nameplate.
Cardboard Coffin
From £200
Individual coffin request to special order subject to availability and delivery at additional cost.
Wooden Ashes Casket
From £100
Metal Urn
From £60
Biodegradable Casket

Funeral Director Additional Charges

Conveyance of deceased into our care within 20 mile radius
Supply Hearse for Funeral Procession
Supply Limousine for Procession
£175 per car
Conveyance of deceased after working hours to home or church
(Additional mileage charge for radius above 20 miles £1.50 per mile)
Supplying Funeral Robe
Supplying Burial Grave Cushion
Funeral Parlour Service available free of charge at Kilwinning and Irvine Funeral Homes.
Saturday Funeral charges subject to additional fee based on individual requirements

Non-Funeral Director Disbursement Charges

Holmsford Bridge Crematorium Dreghorn fee
Masonhill Crematorium Ayr
Clyde Coast and Garnock Valley
North Ayrshire Council Cemetery Fee (layer already purchased)
North Ayrshire Council Cemetery Fee (new layer)
North Ayrshire Council Interment of Ashes (layer already purchased)
North Ayrshire Council Ashes Cremated (new layer)
Funeral Celebrant/ Humanist Fees
From £160
Church Fees
From £50
Minister or Priest Fee
From £50
Church Officer Fee
From £50
Organist Fee
From £60
Fee charges vary depending on Church and Officiant selected by the family
Flower Fee charges as selected by family from the brochure
Obituary and acknowledgement paper notice fees as selected by family and charged by the relevant tabloid.
Customary hospital staff gratuity
Customary Cremation staff gratuity
Customary Cemetery staff gratuity

Direct Cremation Unattended

Removal of deceased within 20 mile radius during normal working hours to funeral home.
All documentation completed and prepared for Funeral.
Superior Traditional Coffin
Cremation Fee included.
Cremation time selected by Funeral Director with no service and no family member in attendance (crematorium terms and conditions)
Supply Hearse on day of Funeral.
Family can collect Ashes or request to be scattered in Garden of Remembrance by Crematorium staff.

Traditional Funeral Option

Removal of deceased within 20 mile radius during normal working hours to funeral home.
All documentation completed and prepared for Funeral.
Superior Traditional Coffin
Burial Fee included. (Re Open Lair-Extra Charges for Purchase of New Lair)
Supply Hearse on day of Funeral.
Funeral Parlour Service (Additional Fee for Officiant and Organist if required)
Private Viewing by appointment during office hours.
Burial Date and time selected by Funeral Director
Full payment required during Funeral Arrangements before confirmation of Funeral.