Pre-paid Funeral Plan FAQ’s

R.B Steele can help make funeral arrangements much easier for your loved ones by helping create a pre-paid funeral plan.

Having a plan in place is becoming a popular choice for many people who aim to plan and pay for their funeral (or as much as they can) in advance. Having a plan can help lift the burden of those close to you worrying about what your funeral should be like, what costs they’ll have to incur and what expenses they would otherwise be surprised be.


What is a pre-paid funeral plan?

It is simply a fund you create which is then used to cover costs of our funeral. You can have money set aside which we as funeral directors use towards your funeral, or we use money according to exact criteria you have set out.


What do I need to have a pre-paid funeral plan?

Your plan is unique to you, and as such, it means you’ll need to map out what you want and what resources need to be set aside. We can help make this happen when you liaise with a member of the team in a meeting. This will help give us an idea of what you want, and help you get a rough idea of costs.


What things should a person think about when arranging a pre-paid plan?

When planning ahead, someone will want to think about:

  • Service location
  • Whether you prefer a cremation or burial
  • If you’d like to pay ahead for transport
  • What type of coffin you’d like used
  • If, and where, you’d like notices printed


What happens when a plan is made?

Usually, we keep a file of your requests and also provide a copy of what you’ve asked you in your plan. Costs are paid from the fund after the funeral.


What are the benefits of a funeral plan?

Plans like these really help your family and loved ones as it shows them exactly what you want from a service, as well as keeping the costs down by having all (or some of) the funeral covered.

Having everything recorded also helps others not feel any stress or worry that they’re not carrying out the service in your interests.


How do I make an appointment to meet about a funeral plan?

Please visit the contact page here.